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Sole Futsal would like to welcome you to our 3rd Annual #StormtheHeavens Futsal Cup!.  Futsal is one of the most popular soccer variations in the world of soccer; and many believe it is vital to the development of players over the course of a winter season.  Therefore, we are happy to bring this fast paced, action packed, and exciting format to your team today, in a competitive atmosphere.

3 games guaranteed, 22 minutes running clock

Date: Saturday, December 29

Times: All Day

Cost: $225
Money raised goes to DIPG research, #StormtheHeavens.

Eligibility: U8 (2011)  thru U14 (2005), Players of all ages and abilities are welcome. Teams should register at the age group of the oldest player based upon the 2018/189 season.

Schedules: Release a week before the event.

Questions: Contact Rob Brown or call 215-485-5255.