September 19, 2020

Songsong Shopee Liga 1, Persebaya Surabaya Finally exercises

Surabaya – –

Persebaya Surabaya finally held a training session to welcome Shopee Liga 1 in 2020. Bajul Ijo was unable to sharpen because of the corona virus pandemic.

The first training session at the Gelora Stadium was closed. Team coach Aji Santoso said that not all players would be able to attend Persebaya’s first training session.

“The number of players is still 20 as there are some players who couldn’t participate today because they are still doing swab tests. Maybe they can join training on Wednesday,” said Aji Santoso after training at Gelora Sidoarjo Stadium on Monday (8/31/2020).

Although it’s been a long time since we didn’t practice and only followed 20 players. Aji admitted that he was impressed with the Persebaya Surabaya players who were able to maintain their physical condition when the Shopee Liga 1 paused in 2020.

“Alhamdulillah, the condition of the players, although the condition is not 100 percent, but there is no significant decrease, the body weight is maintained sufficiently, I can see that it is still quite ideal,” said Aji Santoso.

He did not do group exercises for five months. Aji admitted that the players trained individually in their respective houses. The player’s feeling of touching the ball does not completely decrease.

“The touch has a slight decrease. But I see that it is still not too drastic, but in fact we are only practicing the medium set game, we haven’t had much practice yet, maybe I can do a little big field tomorrow afternoon give it a try. Because it is used for conditioning this week, “said Aji Santoso.

In the meantime, Aji Santoso wants his group to focus on training this week to restore players to fitness for Shopee Liga 1 2020.

“The children will at least restore their players’ physical condition and fitness this week. In fact, we only don’t have much time for a month. Then we use the complex training method,” said Aji Santoso.

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