September 19, 2020

PSS Sleman is doing a physical test next week

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PSS Sleman will start training next week. Due to the player’s case condition, the physical test is performed first.

After PSS had not trained for almost five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he trained again yesterday afternoon (August 28, 2020) on the field of the Yogyakarta International School (YIS).

Some players who haven’t trained with Laskar Sembada this afternoon like Aaron Evans still working on documents, Irfan Bachdim. In addition, there are some players who are not fit enough.

In this first training session without being accompanied by trainer Dejan Antonic. The Serbian man is known to be still in Hong Kong and has just processed documents to return to Sleman.

Well, it happens that the players who undergo the training session have problems with their physical condition. Because during these competition holidays they only complete their own training at home.

PSS Sleman physical trainer Danang Suryadi said the decline in physical condition was normal. However, he could not confirm the extent of the physical decline of the players.

“Yesterday during training I tried to do a little test. I checked his pulse from training and the resting conditions were not very good as there was no training with the team for about five months. It must have affected my physical condition “, said Danang on Saturday (August 29th, 2020).

To this end, the coaching team will conduct a physical test to be carried out next week.

“But we don’t know the extent of the decline. It is possible that we will have a physical test on them next week,” he continued.

The results of the physical tests will later serve as a reference to determine the treatment that will restore players’ physical condition to pre-pandemic condition so they are ready to show up when League 1 plays again in October .

“So it depends on the test results. We’ll see how far the results go, where they’re down, in the middle, or where. Well, that’s our zero point to start training, where do we start”, locksmith.

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