September 19, 2020

Prior to Shopee Liga 1, Bhayangkara FC focused on physical improvement

Jakarta – –

Bhayangkara FC have started training to welcome Shopee Liga 1 in 2020. The Guardian continues to focus on physical improvement programs.

This was announced by Bhayangkara FC coach Paul Munster after the leading morning practice session on Monday (August 31, 2020). According to him, physicality is an important point considering the player had a full break from practicing for almost six months.

“Today we did more physical training, but with the ball. The problem is that a break of around 4 to 6 months has to be readjusted,” Paul told reporters at PTIK Stadium in South Jakarta.

“So today’s training was more specific. Now the most important thing is that I look at the condition of the players because we can’t force them too. If we are forced we will be injured,” he said.

Paul also assessed that, while not 100 percent, the players showed positive developments with the Shopee League 1 return in 2020.

“So far you can say it’s not bad. But that’s understandable, understandable. Because even though you train for 4-5 months alone, the intensity will be different when you train with the team again,” he explained.

It is known that Shopee League 1 will take place on October 1st. Paul hopes that the preparation time is tight enough not to disturb his employees physically and mentally. In addition, The Guardian decided to stay at the PTIK Stadium.

“The time is quite short indeed, just a month of preparation before the league starts again in October. When the league starts there will be 2-3 games a week and a long journey,” said the Northern Ireland-born coach .

“As much as possible, the player shouldn’t have any physical or mental pressure,” he continued.

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