September 19, 2020

Persiraja players train their endurance with Gowes 35 km

Banda Aceh – –

Persiraja Banda Aceh’s players have started training ahead of the resumption of Shopee Liga 1 in 2020. Incidentally, the players cycle 35 kilometers.

The Shopee League 1 2020 is to continue in October. Persiraja also started intensive training to prepare.

Aside from practicing on the field, the Laskar Rencong squad has other ways to improve their physical condition. The players also rode their bikes, even ten kilometers away.

On the fifth day of training, Wednesday (26/8), the players rode their bikes along the town of Banda Aceh from the Persiraja Store in Setui to the H Dimurthala Stadium in Lampineung, the team’s headquarters. The total distance is up to 35 kilometers.

Persiraja Banda Aceh players bike around Banda Aceh City to prepare for the 2020 Shopee League 1 resumption. (Photo: Doc.Persiraja)

“This is the fifth day of Persiraja training. We are training endurance through cycling. The main objective is to improve endurance, do teamwork and refreshment, and give players outside of Aceh the atmosphere of the morning streets of Banda Aceh,” said Irwansyah, physical trainer for the Persiraja team. in a written statement.

Almost all Persiraja players took part in the training by riding bikes in the morning. The players wore club uniforms and seemed excited to circling the city of Banda Aceh.

According to Irwansyah, training on a bike not only strengthens teamwork, but also strengthens cohesion. So far, only two people who have not joined the team, Vanderlei Fransisco and Husuzhon, have recovered from injuries.

Persiraja Banda Aceh Shopee League 1 2020 CyclingPersiraja Banda Aceh players ride bikes through Banda Aceh City to prepare for the 2020 Shopee League 1 resumption. (Photo: Doc.Persiraja)

“If we ride bikes together and are compact on the trip, this can also improve the cohesion of the team. In addition to training muscle endurance, muscle strength as well as the heart and lungs. This is still the beginning, in the future we will train again”, said Irwansyah.

Persiraja’s midfielder Defri Riski admitted that he really enjoyed the morning ride with the Persiraja team. “It’s very exciting because the morning air on the streets of Banda Aceh is still very fresh and not many vehicles are passing by,” he said.

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