September 19, 2020

Persib Bandung admits that finding test opponents is difficult

Jakarta – –

Persib Bandung trainer Robert Rene Alberts admits that it is still difficult to find the right test opponent for your team. The corona virus pandemic is the cause.

Maung Bandung has already made preparations to look forward to the Shopee Liga 1 2020. Persib began training on August 10th.

Test opponents are searched to see the results of Persib’s training but have not yet been found. In addition to the fact that not all clubs were training, he also refused to fight other participants in the Shopee League 1 2020.

“And of course we don’t want to play against teams that are playing in the same league as we did at the beginning of the preparation. It is not easy to find a test opponent who is currently in Indonesia and to go abroad because we are on the environment have to pay attention, “said Robert on Tuesday. (8/25/2020).

Robert admitted that the pandemic and the lack of preparation time also made it impossible for Maung Bandung to travel.

“We have to be very picky and it makes sense because we can’t travel too much to hold trials,” said the Dutch tactician.

However, Robert did not rule out that a team outside of Shopee League 1 participants could be invited to Bandung in September. Conversely, Persib Bandung goes into the opponent’s cage as long as the distance is not too great.

“So that we can go to their seats. Of course, we don’t want to take the bus every 12 hours before the game and come back at the same time. It takes a two-day break when we go on such a trip, we don’t have time for it.” and we have to prepare for the league, “he said.

Persib Bandung originally held an internal test match last weekend. At the time, Robert was focused on the physicality of his players who weren’t ready to show up for the full 90 minutes.

“When I looked good on Saturday, they played up to 20 minutes well in the second half. After that it looked bad because they weren’t ready to play 90 minutes for the two participating teams. So that has to be done before the exams can be played taken into account and corrected. ” “Next month we will find opponents to be tested and the team can be more compact in attack and defense,” he said again.

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