Summer Select Mission
Sole Soccer Academy is the advanced summer program at Sole Futsal Center. The summer select teams are composed of players from the tri-state area, and the teams compete in two competitive tournaments during the summer.

Sole Soccer Academy is committed to offering quality training and coaching by our professional coaches to youth players.

Program Description Each team will have professional trainers assigned to them throughout the duration of the program. During June and July, each team will compete in two tournaments in the tri-state region. Team uniforms and tournament fees are also included in the program price!

In addition, in the Spring, a Team Building Night held at Sole Futsal Center. Coaches and players will come together for a night of games and camaraderie. Team Building night registration and additional information will be provided later. We will serve dinner and have a movie playing as well.

Be aware that Sole Soccer Academy’s Summer Select is not meant to take the place of the player’s existing team. Our Summer Select teams are to be used for additional training and gameplay.

Our Summer Select program will be a great experience for the parent, coach and child. Sole Futsal Center works very hard to make it a positive, fun experience for all.

Program Pricing 2018:
Full Payment – $425 Per Player
Deposit – $200 Per Player
Balance Due – May 1, 2018 (credit cards on file will be charged the balance)

Phone: 215-485-5255