September 19, 2020

Newell’s old boys are waiting for Messi to return home, but …

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Lionel Messi has been waiting for his childhood club Newell’s Old Boys. But they are also realistic and know that it will be difficult for La Pulga to return home in the near future.

This cannot be separated from speculation about Messi’s future at Barcelona lately after asking to be released earlier this summer.

Messi’s contract, which does not expire until next year, contains a release clause with an “exorbitant” face value of 700 million euros. However, it is said that there is a special clause that allows La Pulga to leave before the contract expires if activated.

Lionel Messi himself never hid his desire to return to Newell’s Old Boys, the hometown club he played for since he was six, before moving to Barca at the age of 13.

Newell’s Old Boys officials and fans are certain that Lionel Messi will return one day. But not now or in the near future as reported by Spanish media US.

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“As a Newell fan, I wanted him to come back right away, but we knew it was impossible. If he did, he wouldn’t be doing it for about four years when he almost stopped playing so he could say, ‘ I’m going to play some Newell games and then I’m going to retire, “said Daniel Valvi, 65, a retiree in Messi’s hometown of Rosario.

Amid widespread rumors linking Messi to Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and other top clubs, as well as the option to stay in Barcelona, ​​Newell’s Old Boys are still looking forward to his arrival. Not now, but in the future.

“We don’t have to contact anyone. He knows exactly how Newell wants him back. And it doesn’t depend on a phone call. We are relaxed about it,” said Juan José Concina, General Secretary of Newell’s Old Boys.

“This is not just a question of Newell (as a club), his arrival is not only good for our organization but also for Argentine football as a whole. It will be a big boost for Argentine football,” he said of Lionel Messi’s potential “Return”.

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