September 19, 2020

Kubo Got Tatar in Villarreal, asked to sing Doraemon Song

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Takefusa Kubo has become a Villarreal player. As a new player, Kubo was asked to sing and select a Doraemon soundtrack.

Real Madrid have loaned Kubo to Villarreal for the 2020/2021 season. The loan is worth two million euros with no purchase option.

Villarreal also gave Kubo the experience to perform in Europe for the next season. The club, headquartered in the Estadio de la Ceramica, will participate in the Europa League 2020/2021.

Takefusa Kubo still wears Real Mallorca. He played there for many minutes. Photo: (Getty Images / Fran Santiago)

Well, Kubo joined the club and met the Villarreal players. During dinner, Kubo was asked to show off his non-football skills as a token of introduction.

Without being shy and as a new kid, Kubo finally followed the instructions. He sings a soundtrack of Doraemon, an anime from Japan.

The action of the 19-year-old Japanese player made all teammates applause and laugh. There were also a few teammates who turned the cloth while Kubo sang.

“Passed the test … Kubo was 100% happy! Yellow heart,” wrote Villarreal’s statement on the club’s official Twitter account.

“In a ‘harassment’ in front of his new teammates, the Japanese star was encouraged to sing the Doraemon song in Japanese.”

Madrid already loaned Kubo to Real Mallorca in the 2019/2020 season. Kubo made it in 35 games, scoring four goals and five assists. However, he could not save his team from relegation after Los Bermellones could only land in 19th place.

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