All our golf programs are designed to help beginner golfers learn the basic motor patterns and skills needed to play and enjoy yourselves on the golf course. Level 1 is based around the philosophy of learning “from the hole back.” Participants will first learn the basics of putting and the short game before using these new skills in games and contests designed to accelerate the learning process. Level 2 classes will again refine students skills in putting and short game along with two sessions focused on Pre-Swing fundamentals and the basic movements of the golf swing. Video analysis is introduced at this time as well as bio feedback from our K-Vest 3D body mapping technology and ground force analysis using our Boditrak system. Level 3 classes are designed to encompass the skills learned in Level I & II and bring those skills to use on course. Focus will be on correct golf movements as well as developing students kinematic sequence into a well oiled machine!