Who would benefit from the F.A.S.T. Program?
F.A.S.T. is for youth soccer/futsal players.  Our program is for boys and girls born 2012-2004. F.A.S.T. is designed by Sole Soccer Academy to provide a fun, physically and intellectually developmental opportunity for your youth athlete to learn the proper technique in applying various soccer/futsal skills such as shooting, striking, dribbling, passing, throw-ins, shielding, blocking and more.  A Sole staff coach demonstrates, guides, encourages and rewards your child as they accomplish or try to accomplish the goals of the various activities supporting the technical skills being taught.

What is the F.A.S.T. Program?
F.A.S.T. provides 60-minutes of fun and exercise in a challenging, high energy atmosphere filled with lots of encouragement and reward for your youth athlete all awhile performing age appropriate activities that not only teach and reinforce the use of various soccer/futsal skills but also builds confidence with the ball through enhanced eye-foot coordination, balance, repetition and knowledge. F.A.S.T. will provide your child with the skills and confidence for greater success on the field during their club practice and play.

What other benefits does the F.A.S.T. Program have?
F.A.S.T. improves your child’s fitness and their overall body mechanics and motor skills through the many activities requiring them to learn how to maintain balance while also maneuvering control of a ball with their feet. Training sessions are indoors on turf or the futsal court. Sessions utilize fun games and activities for the participants to perform. In the winter, you will be asked to participate in our futsal academy with your newly enhanced confidence and skill. 

How does the F.A.S.T. Program work? 
You can buy packages of sessions. You pick the number of sessions you want to buy and then you can schedule any classes you would like during that season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring). Example:  You buy a 6-pack of sessions for the fall.  You have September, October, November to use for any 6 class sessions you would like.  You can take all the same classes or take a mix of them.  There are no make-ups for missed training sessions. A make-up day is only scheduled in the event of an unforeseen need to cancel a training session due to inclement weather or sickness of the trainer.

If you have any questions please contact the office at 215-485-5255.