1v1, Ball Mastery: Repeatedly working with the ball at a game speed that pushes you to the edge of your comfort zone. As a result, players are able to act more instinctually on the field to elude pressure, make a pass or to beat a defender for a goal scoring opportunity.

Shooting & Finishing: Dedicated to improving play in the final third. Players will work on 1v1 scoring ability and striking techniques.

Friday Night Drop-In Training: Our Friday Night Drop-In training will focus on individual skills for futsal and soccer. This is ideal for players who want to increase their skill and comfort level with the ball. Each week we will emphasize a different type of skill or focus.

Defending & Transition: Coming Soon…

Goalkeeping: Designed to promote fundamental and advanced training exercises that focus on the goalkeeper’s physical and intellectual development.

Speed & Agility: Focuses on speed, quickness, and agility training for your athlete.


Winter Season: Feb, Mar





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