The Golf Academy at Sole Futsal Center is like no other venue in the area. In addition to being a year-round destination to learn, practice and play golf, the Golf Academy also features versatile event spaces, making it the ultimate location for your next corporate offsite or social gathering. An experienced event managers will help you custom-design your group’s experience with as much, or as little, golf as you envision and coordinate catering and beverage service based on your needs.

The Golf Academy has two rooms that inspire creative, productive meetings. Each room features audio-video capabilities, flexible floorplans, breakout options, retractable shades and convenient activity options. We coordinate coffee service, catering and snacks to keep the energy flowing during the day.
Ideal for half or full-day corporate outings year-round.

GOLF HAPPY HOUR • Up to 100 Guests
Make your next Happy Hour interactive! Guests have access to the Full Swing Simulator, clubs, and their choice of course. We set up everything and coordinate your catering. Reception spaces are also available for larger groups.
Ideal for warm weather days or nights.

RECEPTIONS • Up to 50 Guests
Whether you are planning a company outing or a special occasion with friends and family, our versatile event spaces are ideal for a wide range of receptions. Both the Party Room and the Sole Lounge feature convenient golf options and can also accommodate outside entertainment such as casino or arcade games. We coordinate the activities you choose along with the catering services.
Ideal for corporate events, birthday, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The Golf Academy provides a country club feel without leaving County Line Road! Your event manager will help you select the appropriate event space (which serves as ”home base” during your event), stock the room with meeting essentials, and provide a selection of easily accessible activity options to help drive creativity and encourage collaboration.
Ideal for full or multiple day corporate outings year-round.

GOLF 101 CLASS • Up to 30 Guests
The hardest part about golf is getting started. Golf 101 introduces the important basics, including etiquette, equipment, grip and stance, so your group can learn with confidence. Our event manager works with our high-tech Golf Academy to customize your class, making sure the professional instruction matches your group’s skill level.
Ideal for corporate outings year-round and available for all golf levels.

Planning your next celebration? Bring golf into the festivities. Great for kids and adults of all ages. Reception spaces are available year-round and for larger groups.
Ideal for milestone birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties.